Maranatha Kids

Maranatha Kids

A weekly program just for kids, featuring 4-5 minute stories about Maranatha’s mission. We also provide a discussion guide with each episode. Perfect for worship and discussion for your family, classroom, or church.

Maranatha Kids
  • Turned Away From School

    Come with us to the country of Zambia, located on the continent of Africa. We’ll visit the Kabwe Adventist School, one of the most popular schools in the city of the same name. It’s so popular and the facilities are so small, there isn’t room to fit all of the students. The school has to turn chi...

  • Jane's New Mission

    This week, meet long time Maranatha volunteer, Jane Sines. Over the course of her life, Jane and her husband, Al, served as missionaries in many countries. As young adults, they served as full-time missionaries abroad. When their kids grew to be school aged, the family came back home to the Unite...

  • A Peach Farmer's Big Gift

    This week, travel with us to the South American country of Bolivia, where we’ll meet a peach farmer named Alberto Maida. He has been farming since he was a young man, and was blessed each year with a fruitful harvest. When he moved to the town of San Benito, he was disappointed with his local chu...

  • A Blessing in Serving

    This week, we’ll visit the African nation of Namibia and see the preschool situation at the Mavaluma Seventh-day Adventist Church. More than 100 kids, ages zero to six, come each day to the church for daycare and preschool, but it’s a cramped setting. The teachers use all of the space that is ava...

  • A Single Mother's Sacrifice

    This week, travel with us to northeast India where we’ll meet a single mother named Elis. Her Seventh-day Adventist faith became a dealbreaker for her husband, who eventually left the family. Elis would have to raise her kids by herself. Yet, she also had the support of her loving church family, ...

  • Worshipping Alone

    This week, come with us to Brazil where we’ll meet Francisco Gomes de Lima. Francisco was the first Seventh-day Adventist in the coastal tourist city of Canoa Quebrada. He started worshipping in his house by himself, but eventually, a donor gave land for a church to be built. Francisco’s small gr...

  • Growing Through Sadness

    This week, we travel to the country of Brazil where you’ll meet a lady named Marilene. She wasn’t very interested in learning about God, even though her mother always shared God’s love with her. Then, a tragedy struck, forcing Marilene to reconsider her purpose and faith. See how God used a sad e...

  • A Beginner Builder

    This week, we’ll meet a pastor in Tennessee, named Juan, who was asked to lead his congregation in the construction of a brand new church. The only problem—Juan had no experience in building a church! His congregation, the Ooltewah Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church, had been renting worship s...

  • A Prankster Turns to Prayer

    This week, we visit the Dominican Republic to meet a church leader named Domingo. As a kid, Domingo didn’t like Christians and would often pull pranks on them. Then, he was befriended by one of the local church members, and after a few months, came to a church service. Eventually Domingo was bapt...

  • An Alumnus' Desperate Prayer

    This week, travel with us to India where we’ll meet a man named Barnabas. As a young boy, Barnabas lived away from home at the Manipur Adventist Boarding School. It was hard for him, he had to live away from home, but his father wanted Barnabas to dedicate his life to God and knew he would grow c...

  • Inspiring a New Generation

    This week, we travel to the jungles of Panama, where a tribe of indigenous people called the Naso used to live, removed from the outside world. Eventually, the need for medicine and food forced them to make connections outside their villages, which also introduced them to Jesus.

    In today’s video...

  • Sheds of Hope

    This week, we go to the scorched town of Paradise, California, where the 2018 Camp Fire burned through 95% of the structures. When residents were allowed to return to their properties, they had to live out of RVs, with no place to store their belongings. Maranatha was invited to help by construct...

  • No More Stinky School

    This week, travel with us to India, where we’ll visit the Jingshai Mihngi Adventist School. For years, students and teachers here endured the stench of an open sewer line directly next to their classrooms. Maranatha responded to a request for help, and despite many challenges including the COVID-...

  • The Importance of Service

    This week, meet a young man from Peru named Carlos Condori. When he was a boy, Carlos remembers arriving to church one Sabbath morning and being met by a large group of people who didn’t look Peruvian. He heard them speaking English, and he was wondering what they were doing there. The visitors t...

  • Water for Chilimbe

    This week, walk in the footsteps of the students at the Chilimbe Primary School in Zimbabwe. Each week, these kids have to leave their classrooms during the school day to make multiple trips to collect water. It’s a long walk, and a big interruption to their education. Your children will have the...

  • An Amazon Adventure

    See how Maranatha’s crew brings new churches to the jungles of the Amazon by boat.

  • Growing God's Family

    See how church members in India jumped in to help Maranatha when faced with a roadblock.

  • Answer to Unspoken Prayer

    God answers an unspoken prayer for a congregation faced with the impossible. - - Download discussion guide:

  • Interrupted by Rain

    See why one school in India had to send its students home whenever it rained. - - Download Discussion Guide:

  • Bees Building Schools

    See how honey bees in California are helping to build classrooms in India. - - Download Discussion Guide:

  • Boa Entrada

    Iselda's answered prayer.

  • The Education Effect

    Meet a man so impacted by the school from his childhood that it changed the direction of his life and continues to bless him today. - - Download Discussion Guide -

  • A Church for Piedra Linda

    See how Maranatha built a church with the help of hundreds of supporters, despite not having enough money at the start. - - Download Discussion Guide -

  • Prayers for Water in Zimbabwe

    See how a community in Zimbabwe anxiously prays for clean water when none may be found. - - Download Discussion Guide -