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Travel to the far corners of the earth to see the most incredible stories of faith on The Maranatha Channel. From Maranatha Mission Stories, our flagship television program, to children's programs and news updates, watch how Maranatha is making an impact through the construction of churches, schools, and wells, in the lives of local communities and the volunteers who serve them.


From the latest news to videos we think you’ll like, this week’s featured segments.

Maranatha Mission Stories

A half-hour series that takes a look into the heart of Maranatha’s mission. Each episode takes you around the world, sharing stories about communities and people who have been transformed by faith, compassion, and the act of service.

Maranatha Kids

A weekly program just for kids, featuring 4-5 minute stories about Maranatha’s mission. We also provide a discussion guide with each episode. Perfect for worship and discussion for your family, classroom, or church.


A hub for quick updates on current Maranatha projects. From the Maranatha Minute to brief reports featuring special projects, learn the latest news on Maranatha here.

Where We Work

Videos organized by regions around the world. Helpful for finding a specific segment to watch and share or for learning about where we’ve worked.

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