Maranatha Mission Stories

Maranatha Mission Stories

A half-hour series that takes a look into the heart of Maranatha’s mission. Each episode takes you around the world, sharing stories about communities and people who have been transformed by faith, compassion, and the act of service.

Maranatha Mission Stories
  • Women of Faith

    Meet Seventh-day Adventist women in Paraguay that are keeping the church alive and growing.

  • New Beginnings in Binjipali

    How Maranatha is building up a school in rural India.

  • Warming Hearts in Paraguay

    Meet passionate church members who are sharing Christ all over Paraguay

  • Christianity and India

    The unique challenges of introducing a new faith in a country with ancient traditions.

  • Impact in Zambia

    Hear an exciting update on the Liumba Adventist School campus, experience the need felt by Zambian congregations for church buildings, and hear Vice President of Projects Kyle Fiess discuss these projects in further detail during a studio interview.

  • Inside Water Drilling

    Hear how Maranatha’s water program started and learn the technical aspects of the process from Maranatha staff who have helped to lead our water well efforts for years.

  • The Gospel in the Jungle

    How dedicated church members are taking the Gospel to previously unreached areas of the Peruvian jungle

  • Construction Evangelism in Zambia

    How Maranatha is helping the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Zambia spread the gospel through education and medical ministry.

  • Sparking Change in Peru

    Learn how the construction of a church impacted a community Peru and the lives of young adult volunteers.

  • 2023 Year in Review

    Maranatha Mission Stories takes a look back at all of the blessings of 2023, thanks to the support of our volunteers and donors and the guiding hand of God. We also chat with Don Noble, president of Maranatha, about the continuing needs and what’s coming up next.

  • Keeping the Flow

    Maranatha’s water maintenance program keeps communities healthy in Zambia

  • Youth Missions Movement

    High schoolers serve in the Dominican Republic on Maranatha’s 33rd mission trip for teens, Ultimate Workout.

  • Education in Zambia

    A special interview episode of Maranatha Mission Stories, Kyle Fiess and Kenneth Weiss talk about why Maranatha is constructing schools in Zambia.

  • Mission to the Amazon -- Maranatha returns to the Amazon jungle of Peru.

  • Everything is Connected

    The Blessed Lineage of Churches in the Dominican Republic

  • Eternity Together -- Learn how Maranatha's work is strengthening the worship experience for communities around the world.

  • Harvest for Heaven -- Churches and schools bring hope in Kenya

  • Light in the Andes

  • Caring for Cuba

    Maranatha’s faithful and patient ministry in Cuba over the past three decades.

  • Digging Deep -- Learn about an unusual construction project in Wyoming, and a volunteer whose path to Maranatha was unconventional.

  • Blessings in 2022 -- A look back at the year and how you can still help.

  • Authentic Transformation -- The Ultimate Workout continues to impact the lives of young people

  • Returning to Roots of Service -- A Family Project in Peru sparks renewals of faith and service

  • Treacherous Water -- How Maranatha is braving the steep, rugged mountain roads of Manipur, India, to deliver water.