From the latest news to videos we think you’ll like, this week’s featured segments.

  • Maranatha Minute: July 23, 2021

    On September 18, 2021, join us for Mission: Maranatha, a two-hour television broadcast event.

  • Carrying the Burden of Water

    This week, you’ll meet a woman named Brenda in Kenya. Every day, Brenda must walk five miles, each way, to fetch water for her family. For safety, she makes the walk with other neighbors. This journey includes carrying heavy water jugs up a very steep hill. It takes hours, and is exhausting.


  • Maranatha Minute: July 16, 2021

    After 15 months, our first volunteers back to Peru help to construct a large school.

  • Working Without Pay

    This week, come with us to the South American nation of Uruguay. Much of this country is not Christian and the Seventh-day Adventist Church here faces significant challenges in reaching people with the Gospel. However, one way the Church is making in-roads is through Adventist education. In this ...

  • Maranatha Minute: July 9, 2021

    Maranatha announces a well maintenance program to ensure our water wells are functioning for years to come.

  • Open for Service

    Visit a remote, rural town in Zambia and a lakeside retreat center in Idaho to learn how the mission field is vast, varied, and open for service.

  • Sharing from a Cow Shed

    This week, travel with us to the country of India, where we’ll meet a lay evangelist named Babloo. Babloo lives in an area dominated by another religion—in fact, Babloo didn’t grow up Christian himself. After becoming a Seventh-day Adventist, Babloo wanted to share the Gospel with everyone he saw...

  • Join Wellspring

    Our new monthly giving program specifically supports Maranatha's well drilling efforts around the world.

  • Dedicated to Worship

    Discussion Guide below! This week, you’ll meet one of Maranatha’s workers, Luis Paste, on a construction site in Ecuador. Luis and other Maranatha in-country crew members help to prepare locations before the volunteers arrive. They complete tasks such as pouring concrete foundations and erecting ...