From the latest news to videos we think you’ll like, this week’s featured segments.

  • Maranatha Minute: May 20, 2022

    www.maranatha.org -- Maranatha helps to dedicate the large Advent Hope Church in Kenya.

  • Finding Flip Flops

    www.maranatha.org -- This week, follow teenager Kim Kraulik as she sees a need on a mission trip and works to bring change. Kim was volunteering as a Vacation Bible School leader on a Maranatha project when she noticed that many of the children did not have shoes. It bothered her, and she committ...

  • Finding Hope Through Adversity

    www.maranatha.org -- Two different groups of people in Kenya are overcoming extraordinary challenges, and finding new hope along the way.

  • Join Wellspring

    Our new monthly giving program specifically supports Maranatha's well drilling efforts around the world.

  • Maranatha Minute: May 13, 2022

    www.maranatha.org -- Maranatha helps to dedicate the Lamphou Charu Seventh-day Adventist Church in India.

  • A Steep Hike for Water

    www.maranatha.org -- This week, meet Athon Kamei, who lives high up on top of a mountain in Manipur, India. Although her village of Nagaching is a peaceful setting to live in, there are some challenges which make life difficult. The biggest problem is there is no clean water. Each day, Athon must...

  • Maranatha Minute: May 6, 2022

    www.maranatha.org -- Volunteers help restore Leoni Meadows Camp in California, damaged by the 2021 Caldor Fire.

  • Drilling Past Bad News

    www.maranatha.org -- This week, we’ll venture into the jungles of India to visit a village so remote, none of Maranatha’s water well contractors wanted to go there to drill for water. The steep mountain roads that lead to the village of Taosang punish any vehicle that attempts to pass with large ...

  • Maranatha Minute: April 29, 2022

    www.maranatha.org -- Maranatha recently installed a water pipeline in the village of Taosang, in northeastern India.

  • Invitations to a Crowded Church

    www.maranatha.org -- This week, we’re traveling to the South American country of Brazil, where we’ll meet a barber named Mariano da Silva. Every customer that receives a haircut from Mariano also gets a brochure about Jesus. He loves sharing God’s love with everyone he meets. But Mariano’s church...