Maranatha Mission Stories: South America

Maranatha Mission Stories: South America

Maranatha Mission Stories: South America
  • Women of Faith

    Meet Seventh-day Adventist women in Paraguay that are keeping the church alive and growing.

  • Warming Hearts in Paraguay

    Meet passionate church members who are sharing Christ all over Paraguay

  • The Gospel in the Jungle

    How dedicated church members are taking the Gospel to previously unreached areas of the Peruvian jungle

  • Sparking Change in Peru

    Learn how the construction of a church impacted a community Peru and the lives of young adult volunteers.

  • From Cave to Church -- The story of the Laraqueri church in Peru

  • Returning to Peru

    Learn how Maranatha's work in Peru, 15 years ago, led to the growth of the church and why we're going back.

  • Barren Brazil

    How the desert of northeast Brazil has become the epicenter for a water crisis.

  • Mission on the Mountain

    Volunteers find stepping out of their comfort zone in Bolivia to be a transformational experience

  • Building in Bolivia

    Church members in Bolivia are praying for places of worship.

  • The Spirit of Bolivia

    How determination, faith, and community is building the church in Bolivia.

  • An Enduring Result

    Bolivian volunteers in the Cochabamba suburb of Chimba, discover they are not alone when it comes to a love for mission.

  • Spreading the Gospel in Guyana

    Meet the people of Guyana and how they've made this South American country the fastest growing Adventist membership in the Caribbean.

  • Building on Solid Ground

    A church building in Canoa Quebrada, Brazil cements the Adventist presence in this tourist destination

  • Keeping God in Uruguay

    A group of teachers fight to keep a Christian school afloat in the most secular country in South America

  • An Amazon Adventure

    Follow one of Maranatha's construction teams as they build churches for congregations in the Amazon region of Brazil.

  • A Growing Church in Brazil

    Motivated members and church construction are fueling church growth in Brazil

  • Episode 609

    Take a look at three different projects to see how the experience of building a church can motivate, inspire, and change lives in different ways.

  • Episode 514

    Hear from people in Brazil who encountered tremendous trials in their lives. And their response is what has made all the difference in the world.