• Water for Chilimbe

    This week, walk in the footsteps of the students at the Chilimbe Primary School in Zimbabwe. Each week, these kids have to leave their classrooms during the school day to make multiple trips to collect water. It’s a long walk, and a big interruption to their education. Your children will have the...

  • Water for Pedro

    See how people in Brazil struggle to find clean water, and how Maranatha is helping. - - Download Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/MK_Discussion_Guide_10-23-20.pdf

  • Water is Life

    How drilling a well can transform a community

  • Water is Life

    Maranatha is transforming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing clean water.

  • Water for Ileret

    Maranatha's team in Kenya makes the five-day journey to Ileret to find water.

  • Water From the Sand

    This week, we’re inviting you to read this story (BELOW ⬇️) to your kids about one girl’s daily struggle for water, and how Maranatha helped. Then watch the above video of her collecting dirty water from a dry riverbed in Kenya. We hope it inspires your children to consider their own water situat...

  • Water for the Thirsty

    Maranatha is transforming communities in Zimbabwe by providing clean water and proper places to worship.

  • Collecting Water from a Cacimba

    This week, we’re inviting you to read this story to your kids about one boy’s daily struggle for water. We hope it inspires them to consider their own water situation and how they can practice gratitude in their own life.


    José Dantas Souza is a typical Brazilian kid—in fact, he’s probab...

  • Bringing Water to the World

    A comprehensive look at Maranatha's water initiative

  • Collecting Water with Romildo

    Make sure to download the Discussion Guide for this week's story about one boy’s daily struggle for clean water. Then, watch video of him in action here. - - Download Story and Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/MK_Discussion_Guide_11-27-20.pdf

  • The Water Walk

    How a few motivated high school girls inspired social action in their San Diego community to build a water well in Africa.

  • Mission: Water 2021

    Water is critical to life and an important part of Maranatha's work. Learn how we're continuing to expand our well program around the world.

  • Mission: Water 2020

    Water has become a significant part of Maranatha’s mission, and we are now providing water wells in four countries around the world. .

  • Praying for Water at Watalii

    www.maranatha.org- This week, come with us to a remote part of northern Kenya called Ileret. You’ll meet a 15-year old mother of one named Dhawo. Her days are filled with long walks to a dry riverbed to collect muddy water. Maranatha’s water drilling team came to Dhawo’s village, called Watalii,...

  • Prayers for Water in Zimbabwe

    See how a community in Zimbabwe anxiously prays for clean water when none may be found. - - Download Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/MK_Discussion_Guide_1-8-21.pdf

  • Walk for Water

    Meet two young ladies who decided to act when they saw a need. - - Download Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/MK_Discussion_Guide_7-31-20.pdf

  • Cooking with Dirty Water

    This week, we’re looking at the different types of food found in the country of India. Your kids will see the markets where people buy their food, and learn about common meal components like curries. They’ll also consider how cooking might be difficult without clean water, which is a predicament ...

  • Daily Walk for Water

    Join Nikki Lelikoo on her daily journey to get water. - - Download Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/MK_Discussion_Guide_4-10-20.pdf

  • The Search for Water

    Follow Maranatha’s well-drilling crew as they drill for water in Zimbabwe

  • A Steep Hike for Water

    www.maranatha.org -- This week, meet Athon Kamei, who lives high up on top of a mountain in Manipur, India. Although her village of Nagaching is a peaceful setting to live in, there are some challenges which make life difficult. The biggest problem is there is no clean water. Each day, Athon must...