• Central America and The Caribbean

    13 videos

    Information and inspiring segments about our work in Central America and The Caribbean.

  • Maranatha Mission Stories: Central America and The Caribbean

    8 videos

    Information and inspiring stories about our work in Central America and The Caribbean.

  • Determination

    The prayers and perseverance of church members along with the hard work of Maranatha volunteers makes the dream of a new church possible for the Fe en Jesus congregation.

  • A Legacy of Service

    Take a look at Maranatha's beginnings, and how we continue to make an impact around the world.

  • Episode 612

    Meet two congregations in the Dominican Republic and see how church is the center of their lives.

  • Guided by God

    Learn about a critical point in Maranatha's history, and see the impact new classrooms are making in India.

  • Episode 515

    Maranatha returns to a boarding school in India and a day school in the United States, and learns just exactly how valuable the investment in education can be.

  • Built by Prayer: The Cardenas Church

    The comprehensive story of one of Maranatha's most challenging and inspiring church construction projects.

  • Persistence in the Dominican Republic

    The stories of two congregations in the Dominican Republic, and their persistent desire for proper places to worship.

  • Episode 518

    See how teenagers are making a positive impact through generosity, selflessness, and love.

  • Episode 610

    In the United States, teen volunteers gather for a weekend of worship and outreach in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, and in Panama, a congregation learns to trust in God’s timing.

  • Episode 608

    Volunteers from Northern California share what they learned in the Dominican Republic, and a family shattered by tragedy gives, even when it hurts.

  • A New Dream

    A visit from a group of Maranatha volunteers brings a new church and a new dream to church members in Solon, Panama.

  • 2015: Faith in Action

    Take a look at how God is using Maranatha to expand His kingdom and how you can be involved.

  • Building a Strong Foundation

    Take a look at several places where Maranatha is making a difference in the lives of children now and for eternity.

  • $10 Builds People

    The generosity of thousands of people put a church right where Helsy Luperon needed it. - - Download Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/MK_Discussion_Guide_8-21-20.pdf

  • To the Ends of the Earth

    See how far volunteers go to bring new churches to members deep in the jungles of Costa Rica - - Download Discussion Guide - https://maranatha.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/MK_Discussion_Guide_7-17-20.pdf

  • Building the Las Lomas Family Tree

    Nearly twenty years ago Maranatha built the Las Lomas church in Panama. See how that one church has birthed an entire family of congregations with members who are excited about spreading the Gospel.

  • Flight

    See how Maranatha volunteers are making a difference in a small neighborhood in the Dominican Republic.

  • Perspective: Steve Case

    Seasoned project leader Steve Case shares his thoughts on what it means to live out God’s grace.