Maranatha People

Maranatha People

The stories of people who have been touched by the work of Maranatha, along with informative interviews with our team around the world.

Maranatha People
  • Maranatha Shares the Love of God

    At Maranatha, everyone can find a way to serve. Kenneth Weiss, chief operating officer, of Maranatha, talks about the many ways people are making an impact in the world by contributing to the mission of Maranatha. Make a year-end gift to the mission at

  • Hans Yao Shares the Love of God

    Hans never thought of himself as a missionary. Then he went on a Maranatha project and discovered a new way to serve in the mission field.

    To make a year-end gift visit

  • Danny Poljak Shares the Love of God

    It took exactly one project for Danny to fall in love with the mission of Maranatha. Today, he’s all in as a modern-day missionary, taking the gospel to the world through construction.

  • A Mother's Mission

    Follow a single mother's journey through parenthood alongside missions

  • Pumpkins for India

    A North Dakota pumpkin patch grows miracles

  • The Water Walk

    How a few motivated high school girls inspired social action in their San Diego community to build a water well in Africa.

  • A Year of Missions

    Maranatha volunteer Mary Johnson found a truer understanding of God through a year-long mission adventure

  • Shaken and Spilled Out

    Maranatha volunteer Jane Sines discovered a new purpose in life after a mission trip to São Tomé

  • Working for God

    How Arnie Meert's mission journey is really a journey of faith

  • A Heritage of Mission

    Passing the missionary spirit from one generation to the next

  • Testimony: Trishany Adams

    Volunteer Trishany Adams shares her thoughts on the lessons she learned on her very first mission trip, the Ultimate Workout.

  • A Gift of Healing

    Shattered by tragedy, the Ueeck family decided to give--even when it hurt.

  • Perspective: Walt Groff

    Volunteer Walt Groff talks about the connections created on a mission trip and what they have taught him about ministry back at home.

  • Perspective: Samuel Dinzey

    Samuel Dinzey shares his experience on the Ultimate Workout reunion project in Panama.

  • Perspective: Steve Case

    Seasoned project leader Steve Case shares his thoughts on what it means to live out God’s grace.

  • Perspective: Kimberly Miracle

    Kimberly talks about how Maranatha has changed her--not only as a person but as a missionary for God.