Central America and The Caribbean

Central America and The Caribbean

Information and inspiring segments about our work in Central America and The Caribbean.

Central America and The Caribbean
  • A School for the City of Heaven

    www.maranatha.org/cityofheaven -- How you can help bring Christ-centered education to a community without a Christian school.

  • A Growing Family in the Dominican Republic

    www.maranatha.org -- Spring break mission trips build churches and relationships

  • Meeting Jesus

    Domingo had no interest in God--he didn't even know who Jesus was--until a stranger invited him to church.

  • Building an Answer to Prayer

    Teenage volunteers build a church for the Palmarito congregation in the Dominican Republic.

  • A New Dream

    A visit from a group of Maranatha volunteers brings a new church and a new dream to church members in Solon, Panama.

  • When God Said Wait

    The Finca 6 congregation in Panama discovered God's timing is always perfect.

  • Finca 6: The Best Moment

    Hear how Maranatha's arrival in Panama ended one congregation's search for a permanent church home.

  • Flight

    See how Maranatha volunteers are making a difference in a small neighborhood in the Dominican Republic.

  • Determination

    The prayers and perseverance of church members along with the hard work of Maranatha volunteers makes the dream of a new church possible for the Fe en Jesus congregation.

  • Service

    Medical clinics are one of the ways Maranatha volunteers make an impact.

  • A Test of Faith in Cuba

    The story of how a church waited more than two decades for an answer to prayer

  • Learning by Doing

    Volunteers from Northern California share what a mission experience in the Dominican Republic taught them.

  • A Gift of Healing

    Shattered by tragedy, the Ueeck family decided to give--even when it hurt.

  • Finding the Missing Part

    Meet a woman who was searching for an Adventist Church--and found one, through Maranatha.

  • Built by Prayer: The Cardenas Church

    The comprehensive story of one of Maranatha's most challenging and inspiring church construction projects.